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so this is Moon Punch ha-ha If you guys remember this was the character I turned into once I received the Gauntlets, well this is how I imagined it, and just couldn't get over the fun we were having with our characters, so what do you think? I know I'm not really good and I just made him up yesterday xD so be gentle
Since I am a gamer girl, maybe my weapon should be a wicked game controller, but truth be told I would love a wrist crossbow and a one handed sword or large dagger... 馃槆 @superjkob
yo that's pretty dope!! 馃槉
I give over complete freedom of expression except for one detail. Please do not make me blonde! Oh, I forgot another request. Please dont dress me in red or pink. I loathe those colors! @superjkob @ShinigamiSan @ZombieDragon
OK :) @AnimeGamer @ShinigamiSan haha I might need more descriptions of your characters though haha basically message me the description so I can work off that ^.^
I have to start one at a time, but my finished product would be all together. @superjkob @AnimeGamer You can draw it however you like.
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