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Barry Bonds is ready to become an active member again in the MLB family.

According to ESPN, Bonds is joining the staff of new Marlins manager Don Mattingly as hitting coach.

"I'm a Hall of Fame baseball player with no doubt in my mind, no doubt in my heart," said Bonds, 51. "God knows that. That's all that matters to me. I'll leave the voting process up to you guys."
Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria first suggested hiring Bonds, according to team president David Samson. Mattingly seconded the idea.
"I'm extremely impressed with Barry's willingness to be part of this team, and with his excitement about being back and teaching," Mattingly said.

The Marlins need hitting advice. In 2015, they ranked next to last in the majors in runs and home runs, and last in walks.

Do you guys think that Barry Bonds will succeed as the hitting coach for the Marlins, or do you think this is a bad move by their franchise?

What they let steroid users coach baseball
Marlins might be just as well off if they let Mattingly do the hitting coach duties. Donnie baseball was one of the best pure hitters ever. Mattingly was a high average hitter run producer not so much concerned with power. However when the Yanks lost all their power hitters one year they asked Donnie to start hitting with power and pick up the HRs - which he did successfully - that's how he hurt his back, shortened his career and unjustly also keeps him out of the HOF .I remember a n all star game when the leagues were still separate and Donnie was in his prime every time he got up at bat ALL the national leaguers would come out of the dugout to watch him.. a hell of a statement considering they were all stars as well... anyway good luck to both of them. :)
Hmmm....he'd probably be pissed because no one can match his talent. Even though his reputation has been tainted due to performance enhancement drugs, he was one of the most talented ballplayers of all time!