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Okay so I decided that I'm going to write my first imagine story on here involving BTS. The people it involves is totally up to the comments of this post.
So you guys get to choose not only the member you get to meet and MAYBE fall in love with, but the place you first meet them as well!
Up first we have our precious V, with all of his cute smiles and faces and adorableness (((:
Then there's the so cute little but sexy makanae Jonkook. His young mind and pure heart might be the death of me
And a wild SUGA APPEARS!! He may be lazy, but all his energy could be spent on you <3
Now Rapmonster he is the tough looking but so soft and cuddly member that could be your teddy bear or your enemy. :I
Here's Jimin the BIAS wrecker! the flirty man who will never let you get it all, but will always give you just enough.
J-Hope is dorky but in the cutest way possible! He will take you out to the ist weird places but you'll still love it lol
Last but not least.....Princess Jin :3 he'd probably take you to eat....and eat your food too lol (x.
^As for places you guys choose any of the ones above here. Then comment which member and which location and the one requested most will be the one I try to write a story about (: 1) mall. 2) Hollywood CA sunset Blvd/walk of fame. 3) at their own concert. 4) on a street in Korea. 5) Korean airport. 6) park. 7) New York City
The rest is up to you guys (: let me know which combination you want. Tag other BTS fans and let them know to (: winner will be chose by Sunday (: so you have plenty of time to vote on which member and which location <3 @shelbiisonfire @DaisySalazar @DanaMichelle @Edithse7en @GossamoKewen95 @Kieuseru @AnnaArai @MadAndrea @kpoplover1995 @BabySheep @AimeeH @crazychikki @CreeTheOtaku @aleciaLOVES @Starbell808 @ARMYStarlight @Jiyongixoxo @Jiyongixoxo @KpopGaby @VKookie47 @annevictoriaaa @SuperJuniorelf @ninjamidori @TLeahEdwards @ChaErica @kpopandkimchi
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jimin at their concert ^~^
Hollywood California Rapmonster
Suga at the concert 😍💕
jin at the park
sorry for the late post but I had a rough weekend lol. the winner is 1) V at their concert