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Okay mis amigos here goes part 2. I'm up wide awake. If you missed part 1 here is the link.


"Ah I'm hungry!"Lea blurts "Hush up!" Luna says while staring at Lea. "Jin I thought you wanted to tell me something." Nabi says while trying not show she is nervous. "Oh yes, Next time you and Suga decide to you know do whatever yall do in the dark please keep it down. Now let's eat!" Nabi face turned beat red. Luna, Lea, and Lavish busted out laughing. "Sweet Nabi playing Dora the Explorer with SUGA! GET THE FRONT DOOR OUT!" Lea begins singing the theme song of Dora the Explorer. Nabi punches Lea in her arm. "Hush up!" "Whacha Gonna do...back pack me?! Backpack Backup!" Luna and Jimin laugh even harder. "Imma send you to your room Lea." Nabi says while throwing rice on her plate. Suga shakes his head. "Jin you could've text me that." Kit Kat hides her smile behind her hand. "Well what a night the food looks good!" "Since we blurting out random stuff. Jimin stop stealing my condoms and buy your own." Suga says. "No problem. Yours are a bit small anyway!" Jimin says with a big smile. Everyone roars with laughter. "OMG, I just can't." Nabi says while fanning herself."Let's just eat and have a normal conversation people!" "Okay. I'm starving. Enough laughing for a few seconds." Lavish says


"I'm so tired of washing Lea's clothes! She thinks I don't know she is sneaking her laundry in with mine!" ViVi says. "Yeah she does that to me too. She needs to grow up. I'm not her momma." Kit Kat says "I got a plan. Let's hide all her clothes." ViVi says while grinning. "I'm game!" Kit Kat says. The girls hide Lea's clothes all over the apartment. They couldn't stop giggling. Luna over heard them. "What are yall doing. You two are sneaky." "We are teaching Lea a lesson. She needs to wash her own clothes and stop mixing her clothes in with our clothes. We hiding her clothes." Kit Kat says. Luna laughes. "Yall known yall are wrong." "Well she thinks she's old enough to be out there hugged up under Jungkook!" ViVi blurts. "True, true. Well I didn't see anything! Oh that's Jimin let me text him back!" Luna says. "Yall too much. Do you all every take a break?" Kit Kat says while stuffing away Lea's clothes. "Jimin is mi Papi my baby my love. Jimin is life! Don't hate cuz Jin haven't made his move." Luna says while texting Jimin back. "Even if he did I don't think we could be all hooked up like you and shade." Kit Kat says. "Maybe you need to ask him. It's obvious he likes you. Besides you all are already each ither shadows and you all are not even a couple. Jimin said Jin said hello and he can't wait for the weekend." Luna says. Kit Kat blushes. "Tell him I'm super excited too!" "Naw you text him yourself. This is me and Jimin time. Oh he wants to facetime. Duces chicas." Luna says while wondering off. "Tell him Luna!" Kit Kat whinned. "Fine!" Luna yelled from her room. "So what's happening this weekend?" ViVi grins. "Nothing much we are staying the night in the next town over." "That's not nothing Kit Kat! I'm so happy for you. I know he will ask you to be his girl then." ViVi says while smiling. "Only fate knows...." Kit Kat says.
Okay that's it for now. If anything else comes to mind I will share it. My fingers hurt from typing on this darn phone! @Baekyeol27 @SugaOnTop @xxxtina @xoxoaudra98 @Tigerlily84 @JohnEvans @Ilikepancakes @B1A4BTS5ever @AmbieB @Rhia @NSSagasshi @sherrysahar @shantalcamara
My personality is on point for me xD
:3 Jungkook you sly boy
OMG that was too funny!!!
can't wait @amobigbang
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