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I really want EXO to come to Austin, I live here and it's a great place to have a concert, Austin is know as the Live Music Capital of the World Please vote for Austin, San Antonio or Dallas, that would be amazing
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@monicacerroblan right! ughhhh wish it were atleast on a friday
2 years ago·Reply
@JackieG1617 I know right, and Lay isn't even coming due to his scheduling
2 years ago·Reply
@monicacerroblan yesss! ughh it's sad, but we should try to understand him and just hope the best for him!
2 years ago·Reply
yeah, supporting him is the best we can do as fans @JackieG1617
2 years ago·Reply
@monicacerroblan and if we dont get to see him, he knows that we are still supporting him
2 years ago·Reply