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Here is the second category for voting, don't forget to vote on the previous category if you haven't already! Links to all the award categories can be found on the main awards category card >>here<< ^-^

Best International Collaboration

!!!Warning the nominated songs in this category contain coarse language, so if you are too young, or if coarse language offends you, you may need to skip voting on this category!!!

The Nominees:

1. Outsider x Twista - Star Warz (feat. 2Tak)

2. Tablo x Joey Bada$$ x Code Kunst - Hood

Voting Rules:

*These rules will change depending on the category*

1. If voting, you must listen to both of the songs before making your final decision. (Don't worry the songs aren't that long and there are only two).

2. Personal biases should be put aside, this is not a popularity contest, this is voting to determine who you think released a better song.

3. When you have decided who you want to vote for please write your vote in the comments section. (It would be highly appreciated if you also tell us why you voted for that particular song!)


Here are the songs!!!

Outsider x Twista - Star Warz (feat. 2Tak)

This is what happens when two speed rappers from opposite sides of the world come together for a collaboration, throw in the beatboxing skills of 2Tak and you get Star Warz!!!

Tablo x Joey Bada$$ x Code Kunst - Hood

Experienced South Korean rapper Tablo, is joined by rookie American rapper Joey Bada$$ and producer Code Kunst in this emotional and rather personal track called "Hood"

Happy Voting!!! ^-^

(Credit to the owners of these photos and videos, I DO NOT own them)
Outsider x Twista - Star Warz (feat. 2Tak)
The message in Hood spoke to me more but the beat in Star warz got me hooked. The lyrics are good as well, i just can't stand that awful auto tune chorus. y?😣 My vote still goes to Star Warz though. 😊
Although I looooooove Outsider, I had no idea "Star Wars" existed. The song had decent rhythm, and both he and Twista of course had exceptional flow. BUT I'm giving it Tablo and Joey's "Hood." Out of all four Tablo was the only one to connect with my soul. His lyrics took me on a historical journey intertwined with hiphop flare. "Hood" gets my vote.
this is way too hard .... they both good and tbh I haven't heard these songs till now. none of them are my bias... but outsider and Twista whhhoooaaa they MF killing it. the speed , the beat boxing, and the skills they have for each other. Tablo and bada$$ just blew me away with their lyrics. The reality and the vision of how life is about . I enjoyed this category and my vote goes to TabloxBada$$ - Hood😏
Star Wars... the rhythm, sound, imagery, and message were all superior
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