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You know when that public toilet seat is decorated in fresh yellow piss, we have to make do, and just do a half-ass squat. Our quads shake, and our balance is compromised, like a drunk on a see-saw. At this time, we realize, "holy shit! I'm squatting!"
Toilet squats don't bring us to a full 90-degree angle, but it teaches us a little bit about squatting -- what's wrong and what's right for a squat.
Fun fact: toilet seats aren't as nasty as you think. You ain't gonna get an STD from a toilet (it's highly unlikely), unless you're doing the other nasty on it...if you know what I mean.
Squatting back to defecate, is natural as taking that shit. According to Cornell professor Alexander Kira, toilets work against our bodies by forcing us into unnatural angles when we sit down to release the fudge party. The more natural movement is to squat -- which helps the body to align itself to poop more freely. You'll be able to successfully squat while taking a shit, when you don't have a standard toilet in your way. Getting to the nitty shitty: the toilet is in our way from performing a proper squat when getting the brown business done.
If you've ever been to Asia, you may have seen some of those toilets that rest flat on the ground. Those are better suited for poop squat. Or for my ladies, to tinkle.
The more you know...
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It's funny how often this topic truly comes up I my life. @alywoah
2 years ago·Reply
@BluBear07 it can get messy especially if you don't have good balance lol.
2 years ago·Reply
I'd imagine it's a much better workout too..?
2 years ago·Reply
Exactly why you should never skip leg day!
2 years ago·Reply
@mchlyang Bahahaha, so you can squat better?
2 years ago·Reply