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MyMusicTaste EXO Planet #2 North American Tour 2016
Calling all EXO-Ls Hey guys, EXO K and M is coming to 5 cities this February, and Los Angeles is #5 and we need your help making this possible to keep us above 6th! Only 5 cities will have an EXO Concert, and we're in 5th Place! Any makes or shares will be gladly appreciate, and we don't mind you linking yours! Let's help each other as KPOP Fans! #Fighting! 1. Click Link http://m2t.tv/7BQT 2. Press Make 3. Input Ticket (at least $150+) 4. Add Taste (heart) if you can and perks like early discounts or CDs 5. (Optional) Communicate with EXO-Ls Thats it! Thanks guys!
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ok I did
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