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*WARNING: MAJOR FEELS IN THIS PART!!!* Sorry for such the late update. There will probably be one more part after this.

ENJOY!!!! :D

"Where are we going?" you giggle. You can't see anything as you are pulled by your boyfriend. Somehow he managed to get you in a blindfold and was now leading you to "somewhere special".
"Shhhh.....we're almost there." Jiyong places a kiss on your lips to calm your nerves. "You can be so impatient baby." He places another kiss on your lips.
You roll you're eyes behind the blindfold and continue walking. Its been about four months since the day you and Jiyong became lovers. And you could safely say that these past months have probably been some of the happiest in your life. School was no longer a big deal. You had even manged to make some genuine friends. Rachel was still a bitch but she held her peace. Ultimately Jiyong had made your life all you've wanted it to be.
"We're here..." Jiyong stops you and turns you around. He leans down to your ear, "Are you ready?" You shudder at his breath in your ear. You can feel his hands rubbing your sides as he goes up your body until he gets to the blindfold. With one pull the blindfold falls and you gasp at the site in front of you.
You immediately recognize the huge room as Jiyong's very own. The lights are dimmed and the room is decorated with candles. The floor is decorated with rose petals and you see a picnic set up on the balcony.
He takes your hand and leads you to the balcony. The night feels just right. Not too cool with a slight breeze. You both smile at each other and just enjoy the night view.
As you and Jiyong are staring at the stars you say, "Jiyongi...this is just so beautiful. I just want to say tha-" He stops your words with a forceful kiss on your lips. You moan into it as he wraps his arms around you and pulls you close. The kiss only gets more heated as he pulls you in his lap.
You pull away gasping for breath.
He then attacks your neck licking it occasionally biting the skin. You yelp in surprise pleasure. "I love you.." Jiyong stops and looks at you with a serious gaze but doesn't say anything.
He then attacks your mouth again leaving you in a wave of pleasure as your mind starts to fog up. You don't care about anything else except the enjoyment you're receiving right now. And it didn't stop. It never stopped. All your cares and worries are forgotten and the only thing you know at this moment is Jiyong.
**************2 Month Later***************
"This can't be happening.....this can't be happening!!" GD paces your room not wanting to believe it. You just sit on the bed with the staring at the two pink lines. You didn't think much about it when you started feeling sick. Then the vomiting began. When you realized you had missed your period you decided to take the test.
"Jiyong...calm down. Who says this is a bad thing?" you smile weakly. You get up from the bed and reach for his arm. He draws back from your touch. You take step forward. "Jiyong?"
He face shows fright as he takes a step back from you. "Just....just give me some space Y/N." You've never seen Jiyong with the kind of look he's giving you now. It's almost like he's afraid, which is nothing like the usual Jiyong who's always confident. "I just....need space right now."
You don't understand. "What do you mean space? Aren't you happy with this good news?" you insist.
The look he gives you is one of amazement. "Is that what you call this situation?! Good?" You flinch as his voice rises. "I never meant for this to happen..." He runs his hands through his hair. "I-I never imagined... Aiishhh what a mess.."
"Jiyong, its not that bad. We can make this work. Don't overreact." you assure.
"Not that bad you say?" his usual warm laugh has gone cold. "You're still the same girl from last year."
"Yeah the one you fell in love with. Or did you forget Jiyong?" You don't realize it either but you're yelling too.
"Don't mock me Y/N...." Jiyong growls. "Or did you forget who made you happy. Who made you feel like everything was alright. Who loved you.."
"Jiyong what are you saying right now?" You're trying your best not to break down right now but your voice cracks.
Jiyong stares off. "I think we need a break... I think I need a break."
"Jiyong what do you mean? A break from what?" The pain in your voice is clearly heard as Jiyong starts walking towards the door not saying anything.
You cry out his name. "Jiyong!!! PLEASE....don't leave. I need you now." He doesn't look back.
"I can't do this alone!!! Don't go please." You reach him right when his hand is on the handle. You hold on to his arm. "Jiyong... why?" The tears are coming now.
He looks at you and shakes you off. "Goodbye..." he mumbles and with that he walks out.
You sink down by the door and cry to yourself. "Why....Why......WHY???" Your sobs racked your body. "Jiyong...." You cry feeling nothing but the pain in your heart as it tortures you until you pass out.
As you walk into school it feels like your first day all over again. The intense stares are back. But they're not staring at you, they're staring at the immense belly you have suddenly. It took about five second for the rumors to start.
Jiyong was nowhere to be found and you felt empty inside. Without Jiyong by your side that basically gave everyone a free pass on ruining your life. Especially Rachel. You keep your head down for the whole day and try to avoid Rachel and her pack at all costs.
You let out a breath as the dismissal bell rings. You head out the classroom as fast as possible. You stop at the door when you suddenly get a wave of nausea. You go straight towards the bathroom.
You make it to toilet and hurl. Your body shakes at the force. You close your eyes and try to calm your breathing. You hear the bathroom door open and turn around to see Rachel and her pack staring right at you.
"Look what we have here... Another victim of Jiyong." Rachel almost looks sad but you know she's just mocking. "Awww you poor never knew the real Jiyong. Just what he showed you."
You're still weak from the nausea but you still manage to mumble, "Shut....up.. You don't know anything..." You trail off as you feel another wave of nausea. You turn to the toilet again.
"You really are sad Y/N....but since I'm a grateful person. I'll help you once again." Rachel then walks over to you and yanks your head. "This is for your own good."
You yelp as she pulls at your hair with all her might. You're too weak to fight back as she drags you across the bathroom floor. She finally lets go of your hair and you topple to the floor unable to support yourself.
Rachel leans down to your ear"The last thing the world needs is another mini version of Jiyong running around." she whispers. With that she steps back and unleashes her pack against you.
You look all around you and see that you're surrounded. You try to yell but your voice is immediately caught in your throat as a girl kicks you in the stomach. Tears of pain come from your eyes as you double over. Another girl grabs your hair again and yanks it.
Your vision starts to blacken as the girl kicks you again with a greater voice. You scream out in pain. "Please...." Your voice is lost in the laughter around you as the girls began kicking your from all directions. All you can do is lie there as the pain makes you numb.
"Please stop hurts" you plead to the girls but they ignore your pleas. You manage to look through the onslaught to see Rachel with the most evil smile. That's the last thing you see as you cry out from the pain and pass out....
Don't worry guys. I'm writing Part 3 now so I'll upload it as soon as I can. Thanks for reading :)
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great, we're all pregnant by GD... haha lol
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