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So this is the end of or game but if you are new you can still hop in by clicking the link >Here< . . IF YOU ARE NEW DON'T PEAK PASS THIS POINT YOU'LL RUIN THE GAME FOR YOURSELF . . But since this is the end of our game i think it's time for me to explain what's be going on
This was a MADE THEMED GAME!!! . . "What?" Well i based the final results of this game of the MADE series, let me explain
This Game is called Let's Not Fall In Love which is one of the tracks in the MADE series specifically it is on the "E" titled EP I styled these results to follow MADE: M- BaeBae A- We like 2 Party D- If You E- Let's Not Fall In Love "Why didn't you tell meh" I did...well sort of.... the song puns on yesterday's card were actually clues that revealed who is who....
These order of the "Baebae" photos are in the Exact same order as they were on Part 6 of this game :P
The name order follows the order they sing in the song "We Like 2 Party"
The results (your soul mate) follow the order they sing in "If You"
The final EP of the MADE series has a song called "Let's Not Fall In Love" on it. Which is actually the last song signifying that this is the end of our game. Which is why this game is named after it :)
(If you decided to keep playing this game after all i put you through.... i'd honestly like to thank you!! Because if i had to deal with me i would've....i don't even know what id do)
That was more put together and thought through than I thought 👏 it was really fun I can't wait for the next one
I'm also ready let's do this 😎
This was awesome!!
tag me in the next one 😭😂😂😂😂😂
can't wait for the next game please tag me when it's ready.😆
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