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Theres this guy. I dont know how to describe him, But everytime he looks at me He makes my ill heart Beat stronger And he makes me smile. He facinates me. Ive never seen someone like him. Hes just amazing, A true gift from god. I believe in destiny, Is he my destiny? Is he what will keep my heart strong? When im around him The pain from the past Disappears as tho it was never there. He makes everything okay. To his bright eyes And to that priceless smile, He truely is a miracle. Everyone has their own path, Is he my path? He makes me stronger, He sees past my scars, He sees past my illness, And something no one has ever done, He sees past my flaws. His eyes say a lot. Hes falling, And im falling, But does he know That we will both catch each other. If hes there I certainly will be there And neither of us will hit the ground, But should i be the one to say first? Hes everything i dreamed of And more. I wouldnt have ever imagined Something quite like this. But i could say that this Is a miracle in an amazing form. Our own little secret. No one will know. But when we look at each other Theres so much said.