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Hey, Vinglers! ChelseaJay here back again with another screenshot game for you, this time featuring miss A! If you've played Screenshot Games on Vingle before then feel free to skip this tutorial, but if you're new then follow these simple instructions: 1) Screenshot each gif in the following section. 2) View your results. 3A) Post your results in comments or 3B) Make your own card and tag me in it. (Story time is optional but encouraged.)
1. Best Friend 2. Crush 3. Secret Admirer 4. Kiss 5. Date 6. Party w/ 7. Girlfriend 8. Collaborate w/ 9. Frenemy 10. Wife
1. Best Friend - Min 2. Crush - Suzy 3. Secret Admirer - Min 4. Kiss - Fei 5. Date - Min 6. Party w/ Fei 7. Girlfriend - Fei 8. Collaborate w/ Jia 9. Frenemy - Jia 10. Wife - Jia
Me @ my phone cause it trolled me hella hard at the end.
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Omg yes! Will do later XD fingers crossed.
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Prayin for Jia tbh. I'll post results soon!
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1. Best Friend: Jia 2. Crush: Jia 3. Secret Admirer: Min 4. Kiss: Suzy 5. Date: Fei 6. Party w/: Suzy 7. Girlfriend: Min 8. Collaborate w/: Jia 9. Frenemy: Fei 10. Wife: Suzy I'll make a story time later if you want
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@Emealia oh we gotta hear this story.
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