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If you are new to this game please start >Here< . . So this has been really fun guys honestly. I love playing with you and i feel kind of selfish because i think i enjoyed this more than you did, which is part of the reason that i will work harder with our next game. Details On The Next Game: Since we have so many request in can either take the leaders from the groups and put them head to head or randomly select One group to do (I said randomly because that's the only way for it to be fair but either way ALL groups will eventually get done)
How to get your results: Read under the name you put in the comments on the last card [Part 7] As you read the story your soul mate will be revealed :) So if you choose the Name "Daesung" on yesterday's card you would read the stuff under the title "Daesung"


Your walking home from work and come across the park. You stop and stare at it for a while before deciding to go in. You need to clear your mind from all the thoughts from the previous nights. You feel lonely how could they all just leave you like at. You have isolated but suffocated at the same at it stop walking and collapse on the ground. The whole world just sames to be spinning and you hear voices and see visions reminiscing and how each member made you felt. "Let's Not Fall In Love" you chuckled to your self "Let's Not Fall In Love" those words echoed and bounced throughout you head repeatedly. You wanted it to stop, you had to make it all stop. The world spins faster and faster before you blank out. "Get me some water...HURRY" "Do you know her" "Does anyone know HER" The sirens pierce your ears and you slowly start to come to and push the medical team away. "Mam you can't-". "Leave me ALONE" you cut the women off. "I'm sorry but please just- i'm fine." You get up and begin to walk away. The medical team keeps following you so you try to run but fail so you decide to call a friend of yours.You shuffle through your pockets but can't seem to find your phone. Your home is only a few yards away so you decide to attempt to run for it again. The medical team seems to have given up on chasing you down, when you make it to your house. You open the door and are immediately attacked by a figure. You try to push it away but it wont let go. "Let go-" you begin to say but are cut off by the figure saying your name...You begin to call down at the sound of this mans voice and his grip loosens on you. You back away from him and the man is revealed to be T.O.P."Jagiya~ don't ever scare me like that again". Your blood begins to boil and you begin to shout at him "What scare you, what do you mean Let's Not Fall In Love Y/N let's not be like this" you mock him. "You don't need me i'm just-" T.O.P grabs and holds you closely to him "Do you hear that, this is what you do to me". "Y/N i'm stupid and i say foolish tings i really can't go on without you. I'm really but Y/N but i love you"


You at home binge watching your favorite k-drama like you been for the past few days. How could your circle get cut down so quickly in only a matter of a few days. You had shut your phone off and had lost almost all self-motivation. You pause your k-drama and walk down stairs to get more ice cream. You check your freezer but their seems to be no more. "Aish what is this!! Now I gotta go outside!!" you say to yourself. You get dressed and take the bus to the nearest supermarket. You get off the bus and step in a small puddle ruining your fresh clean slippers. You would have gotten properly dress but you were only going to the supermarket, it's not like you were going to meet the queen yo thought to yourself. But now you had really wished you would have at least chosen proper footwear. You continue to make your way into the supermarket and grab a small basket. Your only hear for ice-cream anyway. Who needs big carts anyway. You make your way to the freezer isle and the socket seems to be getting low on your favorite ice cream there are only two left. You grab one tube but then go back for the other one. "The more then merrier, besides i can't leave one poor little container all by itself, how rude" you pick it up to put it by the other one, but when you turn around your other tube is missing but smug looking fellow is it it's place. "You can't have both, thats not fair" He says. "Well life is-" you stop talking upon gaining a closer inspection of his face it's Seungri. Well since it's him he most defiantly can't have it. You go to grab it from him but he quickly move his arms. "Y/N i see someone hasn't learned any manners" he teases you. "SEUNGRI YOU DONT EVEN LIKE ICE CREAM!". " Don't tell me what i like" he teases again before stealing your second tube of ice cream and making a ruin for it. You chase him around the store and finally manage to corner him by the bread isle. "Now what are you going to do hand over the ice cream" you tease him. "Well what can i do...let's make a deal". You relax sightly upon hearing these words "What kind of deal". "I'll give you them both if you let me come over you house for awhile.". "What? you don't even like me you said so yourself." you raise you voice at him. "Y/N i thought i told you to stop telling me what i like..." he says lowering his arms "So do we have a deal?". You ponder your choice for awhile and decide to let him come over. You buy the ice cream and make you way out the store with store with Seungri. You both begin to talk about your relationship before Seungri steps in a puddle ruining his slippers. "Aish my frsh clean slippers!!". You chuckle to yourself and Seungri raises his eyebrow at you "What's so funny". "It's just that i-" you show him your wet slippers. "I guess where soul mates after all" he says.


Your at you part-time job at the entertainment store, and a customer is giving you a really hard time. They want a discount because apparently some other customer has touched the case before he did so now he doesn't want "Any of there germs". You offer the man a different one but he refusing and insisting on getting that exact one but discounted. "Sir i can't give you a discount but-" the man cuts you off and begins screaming at you and spit is flying everywhere!! "I'm sorry sir but you have to calm down or leave" you tell him. This only makes the man angrier and he begins to a rampage yelling at you and threatening to tell your manager. You try to calm him down once more before another voice calls in the background " Aish what is taking so long". Another man in a black coat begins to walk toward the front "Sir i'll just buy it for you okay". The angry customers calms down upon hearing there words. The man takes the paid game and leaves calmly. "Thanks for that i really appreciate what you did for me". The man places his games on the counter before replying "Please don't thank me, i was only trying to get out of here" You freeze at the sound of his familiar voice and the man stops to look at you. "Jiyong?" you question. The man quickly breaks eye contact with you and takes his stuff and move to another counter. "Jiyong" you call chasing him. You shift had been over anyway, it just that that naughty customer and been making you work overtime. At this point you were focused on catching G-Dragon. "Don't you have something you need to do, im not this Jiyong kid your talking about" the man says in a changed voice. "Really then prove it" you say. The m an stops in his track and pulls aside the cardboard cut out of T.O.P and hides behind it. "Im T.O.P see you like..". You chuckle at him attempt to fool you. You pull the cut out aside and pull the mans hood down. It is G-Dragon. "I knew it was you!!" you tease him. "Yeah it's me, when did you start working here?". "I just started today" you respond breaking eye contact with him. "Well that explains you customers skills" he teases. You playfully push him and he pulls you close to him. "Y/N i think you know that we really shoudn't be like this" "Like what a sales lady chasing a grown man in a video game store.....yea i can't see what's wrong with that" "No you know what i mean Jagiya... i promise myself i would stop seeing you" You free at the sound of this words and he turns back to looks you in the eyes. "But honestly, you're really too cute. Sop i can't let anyone else has you...please forgive my selfishness"


You had just finished work and had forgot your umbrella. You walk out side and it's pouring!! If it had rained any harder i don't think you'd be able to see. You try to just brush the whole fact that it was raining off. "It's not raining, my clothes aren't completely ruined" you tell yourself repeatedly. It begins to pour down harder so you decide to wait in convenient store until the whole thing blows over. You walk in and it's freezing. "Great" you thought to yourself "Now im not only wet but it's all so cold...Who keeps their air conditioning on in the fall!!" You walk around to small store dripping looking for warmth but the only place in the store that is moderately warm is the by the little hot dog rotating device. It's not your ideal spot for warmth but you decide to take anything you could get. Just as you were beginning to get comfortable the store bell rings signaling another person has walked in. "Ahh why is it so cold in here" you hear the person call. You observe the person as they go through to different isles before they begin to approach you. "Do you want a hot dog?" you ask the man. "The man rejects you offer and walks closer to you. "you don't mind if we share, do you" he ask. You move over and you both begin to share the hot dog warmth. The man wipes his wet hair away from his face and you left frozen in a trance. "Dae-Daesung?!" you question. "Y/N i didn't even notice you with your makeup ruining like that" he playfully pushes you. "But since it's you i guess we can't share it anymore" hes gets up to surround the entire machine. "Daesung that's not fair i was here first" you tell him. "But Y/N~ finders keeps right" he teases. "How about this i'll make you a deal okay...give me the hot dog stand and-".Daesung cuts you off "and what?". "Well you didn't let me finish" you chuckle "If you give me the stand i'll-" daesung cuts you off again. "Aish Daesung!! Let me-". Daesung cuts you off once more "You'll what i can't here you, don't you know how to speak in full sentences Jagiya~". At that monet the air grows silent and Daesung backs away from the you and the machine. "I mean Y/N". You give a small smile and sadness begins to take over you "Y/N right". Daesung breaks the silence between you to and begins to move closer to you. "Y/N jagiya let's not be this way anymore" Daesung pulls you closer to him. "I'm sorry Y/N but i love you"


Your at your home when you get a phone call from you closer friend you answer it and she tells you to met her at her home. You quickly rummage through your clothes and make your way of to her home. She not the type to call, she usually just texts you so you assume it's an emergency. Besides you can really use a friend at this moment. You arrive at her home and all the lights are turned off and the place looks completely abandoned. You call your friend to let her know your here but she doesn't answer. You walk up to her front porch and knock on the front door but no one answers the door. You call her name and tell her your coming in. You pull your spare key out of your pocket and open the open. You open her door and shut it behind you. You begin to search for through the house going bottom up. You finally make your way upstairs. "Hey *your friends name* where are you i-" You open the door to her bed room and see here in her room with a man. She gets up and whispers to you "Please i think he belongs to you, he been coming over for the past few days complaining to me....and it's driving me crazy". She pulls you over to sit you down next to the mysterious man who sits on the bed frozen. Your friend lets and shuts the door behind her leaving you with the man. "Y/N" the man's shaky voice calls. You turn to look at him and your eyes both lock. Tears begin to pour in your eyes and you get up to leave. You frantically pull the door knob trying to open the door but fail. Your friend had locked you in with him. You would get back at her later for this. You bang on the door but the man takes you hands into his. "Y/N please-" you cut him off "Please what exactly, i'm really sick of his Taeyang why are you even here". "Y/N please, i'm sorry" Taeyang say letting go of your hands before sitting down back on the bed. You calm down a bit before making your way over to sit by him. "Taeyang i can't keep doing hurts-". Taeyang looks up back at you with tears brimming his eyes, he holds you tightly before letting you go. "Y/N i can't fight this anymore....i'm sorry Y/N but i love you"
So this is the end of the game don't forget to comment who your Big Bang Soul Mate is !!! . . . [I made a card explaining the results >Here< i would've put into on this card but it would've been to long :P] . . . [For those of you who are reading my FanFic the updated will be tomorrow]
I hope you guys liked this the i'll see you all soon with another one :)
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I got Seungri 🐼
@KwonOfAKind 👍 gotcha!
I got jiyong oppa!!! yay!!!! Lol and I vote on one group
JIYONG 🤗💕❤️💕❤️💕 that was so cute, thank youu
i got daesung!! yay. soo cute.