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Sorry this is late, but I didn't have time because I needed to catch up on my school work, I was about 2 weeks behind.
(Don't mind this picture of me. I know I'm ugly) 1. My actual name is Lexi, but I'd rather be called Allyson. 2. I'm 16 years old 3. I have a younger sister 4. I like to draw, even though I'm not good at it 5. Music 25/8
6. I started listening to Kpop in 2012 or 2013 7. The first Kpop group I listened to was BigBang 8. I had watched a video about Kpop on YouTube of people's reactions. The video will be with the pictures 9. I don't really listen to girl groups, but I'm trying to open up more to them 10. When I had done research of Kpop groups at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015, that's when I started listening to more and more groups.
11. If you were to meet me in public, I would be really shy 12. My music taste isn't just Kpop, I listen to other groups such as pierce the veil, black veil brides, sleeping with sirens, blessthefall, skillet, ect. 13. My parents got me hooked on music they listened to when they were my age or younger. 14. I love sleeping, it's my specialty, other than eating and fangirling. 15. I don't have many friends, other than my best friend Payton whose been with me since 4th grade and all you from Vingle 🤗
16. I like hiding out in my room 17. The first kdrama I watched was Miracle in Cell No.7, I watched that bout August or September of this year 18. My favorite drinks are Monster and Arizona Tea 19. My favorite show is American Horror Story 20. I have a Kakao Talk now so if you want to chat with me my ID is Allyson3333
So, that's 20 facts about me. I'm not that interesting. I actually had to think hard about the 20 facts.
We're your friends too!~♡
@thePinkPrincess Omo I knew I forgot something when I made this card! I was half asleep when I made it! Of course I can't forget my vingle friends! Aww thanks!!! 🤗🤗
ummmm you don't have any friends?? you have us don't you?!!? and ugly would be the last word to describe you <3 Thank you for making this card