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This man is on a mission and he's succeeding because this photo shoot was way too much for me!

* nonchalantly orders 50 copies of magazine for research ***πŸ˜‚

Do you ever just want to randomly become a lamb??...... Yeah same

I'm soo tired of these Exo guys .... You can't be dorks then out of no where just shoot in like a wrecking ball and destroy my soul

Ooooookay....... @aabxo now you better send help. I think I'm dead.
if I could stop drooling over that first pic I wouldn't be such a thirsty hahaha but good heavens he needs to be in my life...oh wait he is mwhahaha
I've died and been revived so many times......I-I don't even know anymore.
@aabxo LMAOOOO your thirst would cause you to leave me to die <(_ _)>
@PassTheSuga Hold up hold up hold up. I just scrolled down LMAO got stuck on the first picture i was blinded β€οΈŽβ„β„κ’°* ΰ₯’κˆβ—‘κˆ ΰ₯’κ’±.*Λšβ€§
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