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Yesterday (April 6), Lee Min Ho wrote on his personal Twitter account, “Listen to music. I’m listening to K.Will’s “Love Blossom” right now and it makes me feel like I am walking among flowers. Sweet dreams!” Lee Min Ho tweeted this in response to a fan who wrote to him, “I can’t sleep. What should I do?” Lee Min Ho isn’t the only celebrity who is a fan of “Love Blossom.” “Flower Boy” model Ahn Jae Hyun also wrote, “K.Will’s new song ‘Love Blossom’ came out. Please listen to it often. Also, I wish Dasom a lot of happiness. In Guk, let’s go to a theme park too,” referring to the theme park date scene between Infinite’s L and Sistar’s Dasom in the music video. So am check the MV right now...
Wow I didn't know that Lee Minho and K.Will are friends!! I love the song too <33 you guys can watch it here ^^“Love-Blossom”-MV-starring-L-and-Dasom
thanks for the info! ;)
listen'g 2 it nw ^_^