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Deadpool everywhere!! Omg what do you do? What do you say? Are you scared? Do you pee the bed? So many questions.. And I know a ton of answers... (btw art is from night of the living deadpool) So the Meme has the question, what do you say? But, I'm taking it one step further.... What do you do?
L A Von York 's editor's note : Remember comment on the post if you want your named removed from the Mercs with mouths posting. I do respect people with the whole tagging thing.  You have Facebook  Yea I hate tagging... Especially for some 29.99 Ray Ban glasses ♥ please send me a private message. The list is not actually complete and it needs to be cleaned up. With your help by direct messaging me I can clean up by removing your name. Also Vinglers who what to be apart of the Mercs with mouths please direct message me and I will add you. If you are new to Vingle and need help with cards our community admin @shannonl5 and her support @amobigbang has great help guilds which are hereeeee ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ I have a deadpool makes me laugh collection you can follow and if you make anything deadpool or anti hero related, don't be shy tag @lavonyork I would love to add your work to the collection!
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And 'I'm gonna go get spidey for you real quick'
the first thing I do is scream CHIMICHANGAS just to see their reaction
Look over (point ) BOOBS !!@TravisCobbs
who told you to go through my closet, CHIMICHANGAS ON ME!!!!!!