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First Anime I Ever Watched Was When I Was 9 Years Old And I Was Watching Toonami On Cartoon Network. It Was Naruto At 9:00p.m. And Then One Piece At 9:30p.m. And I Still Watch Them To This Day And I Am 17 Years Old Now (>y<)
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I would love for that last picture to come to fruition
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@MajahnNelson Honestly lol. I mean they already did a Dragonball x One Piece crossover special. So why not Naruto x One Piece?
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I know right. Especially after they've both accomplished their dreams. It'd would be so epic. I'd probably like that more than Naruto x Bleach.
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the first anime I watched was dbz and if that doesn't count then it would be fairy tail
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