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Thank you ladies that joined the Challenge it's was an amazing game. I loved reading all of your stories and I wish that all of you could win but there can only be one winner. I hope you had fun writing this stories as much as I did all of you wrote some really good stories. Good luck to all of you wish you the best of luck
First place Winner is @Emealia. She wrote Mistakes. it's a really good story I really loved it. and I guess so does the people. she have 65 likes for the people congratulations Emealia for winning.
Second place winner is @Thepinkprincess Painful love Part 1. Omg did I love this story. she is a good writer it it up. sorry that you didn't win. But you won in my heart. she has 59 likes
And Third Place winner is @KellyOConnor. She though she did a bad job but really she did amazing job. Keep up the good work. Kelly wrote the story Make your own story (IDK Insert a Title.) she had 57 likes.
Congrats on the winners for winner and Emealia The next time I play a game or something you get to help a sister out lol I'm happy for you all. And to you all that didn't win I'm sorry that you didn't win but next time I hope you do. Keep up the good work.
@RainaC3 did a very great job on her story. I think she did an amazing job. she had to parts and one is. Lost love. sorry I didn't get the other. But if you want her other story just to her profile kk.
I couldn't get no picture of @Bitterlimelight so I got the next best thing lol. She is a great writer. she wrote Nameless 1&2. Keep up the good work.
Last but not least is @VeronicaArtion she wrote To Love and To Be Love Is Such A Sweet Sorrow. I cried reading her story, she made me feel the feel. But only did she make me feel she made want to her the girl in this story. she makes me want to be close to her and make sure she never hurt again. she makes me want to.Make her my family. I call her sister. I mean every body did a amazing job but She really gave me that sad but happy feel. she gave that feel make me want to just help the girl in the story. she had two more parts coming out and I can't wait to read it.
Congrats to the winners and thanks for playing everybody I hope next a lot of you can win. Well here are your winners and I can't wait until the next games. next time Emealia will be helping me. Yaya. go head and tag People if you like. and also I'm sorry Veronica that I took your picture with out asking. @amandamuska @AimeeH
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@Emealia @thePinkPrincess @KellyOConnor Great job!!! You guys seriously did have awesome stories!
@DeniseiaGardner Giggling? I didn't think I'd win. Everyone's stories were good. @ARMYStarlight Thank you :3
@Emealia congrats on first place!! 🏆 @thePinkPrincess congrats on second place!!🎉 wow I was not expecting anything I was amazed I got half the likes that I did.. Thank you everyone! We need to do another one like this everyone did such a good job and I selfishly want to read more stories!! ^^ @DeniseiaGardner thanks again!
@Emealia hey you are the winner right lol
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