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My friend and I have been writing the plot line for Music Box so we can start updating a couple times a week. And I'm happy to say it's almost complete! As an apology for being completely absent and terrible at updating I'm going to give a few hints as to what to expect in the future of Music Box. And thank you for staying with us even though you only have two chapters and two authors who suck at updating. I promise we will make it up to you!
WHAT TO EXPECT~~ *A love triangle...or square...WHAT?? O.o *Markson being Markson *lots of drama-what's a story without the drama! *the reappearance of Nikki *Janae and who??
If you'd like a possibility of appearing in Music Box as an OC comment below you're bias, what you'd like your name to be and how'd you like to meet your Bias. And you might just fall in love with him
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