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The Twilight War:
The Light Strong and forever judging,
It pierces my soul and damns me for not belonging,
This cruel and righteous Light,
The shadows weak and caring,
They cling to me when I'm in pain,
They never abandon me,
They care enough to hate,
They hate enough to love,
As this world of light casts me aside the shadows wait to catch me,
This evil light of order that judges me.......
These shadows of Compassion that cradle me as I suffer..........
People deem these shadows evil and malevolent because they are
present in times of sorrow,
People deem the Light holy because it hurts these shadows tearing them
This beautiful judging holy light hurting me,
These Dark and malevolent Shadows treating my wounds,
This world is nothing but a mirror of reality.....
Self Destructive,
This light is where the Strong and Prideful are in charge............
These shadows are where the weak and damaged take refuge..........
alright thanks i will keep that in mind
just let it come naturally when your emotions are at their strongest. poetry's words from the heart.
i don't know how to find mine
@HikariKitty my inspiration has always been my pain and sorrow
thats good. i haven't wrote a poem in years. no inspiration lol
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