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Hey guys~! I haven't been posting as much so here is an important Japanese lesson you'll need if you plan on doing any shopping in Japan~!
Money in Japanese is お金 - おかね - okane - oh kah neh
いくらですか?-ikura desuka - ee koo rah des kah - How much is it?
(ちょっと)高いです - (chotto) takai desu - (choh toh) tah kai des - That's (a little) expensive
安いです - yasui desu - yah sue ee des - That's cheap
いただきます - itada kimasu - ee tah dah key mas - I'll take it
おねがいします - onegai shimasu- oh neh gai she mas- I'll take it
(セーター)がほしいです - (seetaa) ga hoshii desu - (seh tah)* gah ho she ee des - I would like (a sweater)
*sweater has long vowels in Japanese hold the "a" and "e" a little longer*
In Japanese they say "en" instead of "yen" - 円 - えん - eh n
百- hyaku- 100
一万- ichi man- 10,000
十万- juu man- 100,000
一円 - ichi en - one yen
五円 - go en - five yen
十円 - juu en - ten yen
五十円 - go juu en - 50 yen
百円 - hyaku en - hyah koo en - 100 yen
**三百円- san byaku en - san byah koo en - 300 yen
五百円 - go hyaku en - 500 yen
**六百円- rop pyaku - rope pyah koo en - 600 yen
**八百円 - hap pyaku - 800 yen
千円 - sen en - 1,000 yen
**三千円 - san zen en - 3,000 yen
**八千円 - has sen en - hassen en - 8,000 yen
一万円 - ichi man en - ichi mah n en - 10,000 yen
十万円 - juu man en - 100,000 yen
** These numbers are irregular, so be careful with these ones. The rest are all regular. 200 is ni hyaku, 4,000 is yon sen, and they all go along that pattern.**
Combine the numbers to make different prices:
千五百円- sen go hyaku en - 1,500 yen
十万八千百円- juu man rop pyaku sen hyaku en- 106, 100 yen
一万三千円- ichi man san zen en- 13,000
When I was in Japan the amount of coins you accumulate is unreal!!
you didnt cover the difference in value between us dollars and japanese yen. like how much is 1 american dollar is yen?
ya thats right so $100 in america is 10,000 yen in japan
@BrittneyCasteel I didn't include it because the value changes ^^ but it is about $1 for 100 yen
I can't remember the exact but I know an easy way to remember is 100¥ is $1.00 approx tho not exact. @BrittneyCasteel but I don't know for sure just an approx.
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