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Pandora Hearts (Anime) 25 Ep.

The story follows a 15 year old boy named Oz Versailles who is an aristocrat of a supposed prominent family. He has an advisor by his side by the name of Gil (Gilbert) who has forgotten all of his memories but his name. Then there is a girl (chain) named B Rabbit who wishes to escape from the Abyss which is this other wordly dimension shrouded in mystery just as she is. She seeks to find the memories she has forgotten. There are many other characters that play important roles and are just as interesting and important as the main characters but I'll let you discover them as you go. This story takes place in a world with different dimensions, dimensional beings called chains, aristocracts and secret societies. It is heavily laced with key elements from Alice in Wonderland but very differnt. Actually it more reminds me of Alice: Madness Returns, the video game because of the memories of the past that has been fragmented for unknown reasons and is being seeked by main characters as well as side characters. It is an anime of discovering the truth whether it's about what happened 100 years ago at the Tragedy of Sablier or whether it's about each character individually and together. So I'm going to keep it real say the anime doesn't end...more like it ends at the beginning if that makes sense. Basically if you intend on watching this anime you are probably going to want to read the wait, scratch will need to read the manga. I personally enjoy watching anime more than reading manga myself but If you were looking for a reason to start dabbling, now is your chance! Pandora Hearts it is!


104 Chapters long and complete The storyline picks up the pace in the manga. It continues and has more twists and turns than imaginable plus you learn about the children of misfortune and more about Jack Versailles and Glen Bakersville as well as the incident that happen 100 years ago and why, what roles everyone played and etc.
My personal feelings on this Anime/Manga? It was a bit slow in the anime as far as developments go but I was so entranced by the mystery that I wanted to put the pieces together and find the truth with them. I finished the anime and manga in 3/4 days. That's how intrested I was to discover the truth so I don't think it is a story that will let you down, at least that is how I feel ^.^ Where to begin in the manga: Ch.30 Retrace XXX Snow White Chaos *And you can scratch every episode in the anime after Ep.22.

I hope you enjoy this puzzle/story as much as I did ^.^

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Oh, awesome I love deviant art and to see peoples creations @HikariKitty
forgot to tell you my user lol. its PrincessMnemosyne
coolcoolcool I will definitely check your work out ^.^ @HikariKitty
the blond boy looks like mekila from seraph of the end
He totally does look like mika kun! I love Seraph of the End @AnimeCat