I know Vingle, And I know that we all are crazy in love with BTS. These 7 boys are so glorious and gorgeous, so I definitely wanted to do my glasses card with them! Didn't search all that much but with BTS you can get a lot of photos for each since they are so popular right now (and forever and ever amen).


Precious fluff face in pic number 4.


That second picture of Ho Seok kills me. He looks so cute with the thick rims and his hair up. Goodness I can't even deal with it. Moving on.


I have such a platonic crush on Yoongi and I sort of kind of want to just marry him forever in a very open chill friendship marriage in which we share glasses and always have to wear them.


Jamjoon loves glasses. He's all about this latest style, because I could find so much photo material. But, it makes sense because he looks really playful in glasses while always looking very put together. Even when he is pretty laid back looking just going to lunch, he looks more put together.


Also a big fan of specs! That first picture with the thinner frames literally makes me want to die. 5 years ago when thin frames where so popular and literally no one wore bigger frames anymore (since the mid-90s) I hated them. But now that everyone wears the bigger frames, my heart beats a little fast seeing an idol in thinner frames. But don't get me wrong, Jiminie also looks gorgeous in the largest specs too.


Taehyung definitely has a specific style he likes! He also is easy to find in glasses, and he looks super great in them. I'm not sure if he uses them for anything but style, but he wears them enough he either just really likes his face in them (so do we) or he needs them.


Kookie like never wears glasses. The first pic was a broadcast where I'm pretty sure he puts on someone else's glasses. But look at him in all those goofy things? What a handsome goof.
*none of the pics are mine*
Suga and Namjoon should like just never take them off XD
This should be illegal GHEY LOOK SO GOOD AIABAGBSJ UGGHSVA AHVA AISHHHhh馃槴馃槴馃槴馃槴馃槴
I swear my next boyfriend is going to look at me like a weirdo when I hand him some glasses and tell him to put them on lol
Omg...my one weakness... *faints dramatically*
@sosoaloraine23 Ikr! I love Suga soo much~
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