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So everyone has seen that one anime that has made them cry. And while I love them, sometimes everybody needs a laugh these are a couple anime that are just funny, no catch.
Girls High, a group of six girls in their freshmen year of high school.
Hetalia, history class with hot guys, need I say more?
Seitokai Yakuindomo, a guys begins attending a school that used to be an all girls' school and somehow becomes vice president of the student council
I honestly don't even know...... it's that random
Daily Lives of High School Boys, pretty much what the title says lol
These are a few of super random funny anime that always cheer me up if you have any othera please comment
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THANK YOU I have been watching too much sad stuff & need to preview something happy!
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Lol no problem!
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I have seen them all but the first anime you mentioned I have not
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