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Hi! I'm new, hope we can be friends!

Hello, hola, 안녕! It's actually been a little while since I've been on Vingle, but I've yet to make a card, so, yeah! I'm still pretty new, so I hope that I get along with everyone else! Little info about me: 🔻I have a lot of interests (Kpop and anime included) so chances are we'll have at least one thing in common. I can be a weirdo sometimes, but that probably just means I really like you! I'm a (beginner) cosplayer and would love to know about anyone else who cosplays or goes to anime cons (already hyped for AX!). Go ahead and friend me on Vingle or add me on Kakao (my ID is klm41294) because who doesn't need more friends, right? Well, I definitely need a lot more, so, yeah, be my friend. Thanks in advance, hope we can get along!
*Pterodactyl screeches* NEW PEOPLE WELCOME TO VINGLE We're all family here! AND BE READY FOR FEELS cause that's all I do ^
ah welcome! do you like got7 ? I love got7! yey let's be friends! @kellyoconnor I do good? =D
@VinMcCarthy we have someone new to welcome in the anime community
Heyo!!! Welcome to the most loving family in probably the entire world (^~^)/
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