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"You know...He really isn't such a bad guy, he used to be-he used to be" Janae tried to cover up what had happened and make her dad seem okay but she couldn't. It hurt to much. Still she needed to pretend it was okay. "He just-" but she couldn't, not this time, not in front of BamBam. Still she tried. She tried until she began sobbing again. BamBam was furious. Why was she trying to defend him?! After what he did to her?! BamBam couldn't understand; he just wanted to see her smile again. He wanted to tell her none of this was right, that she shouldn't defend a monster. But seeing her broken face, BamBam's heart softened and he pulled her close to him and held her as she cried.
Remember comment below for your personal love story with one of the got7 members! Let me know your bias, name and ideal meeting with them!
@MnM1264 thank you~~ ❤️❤️❤️ I'll see what I can do to make your MarkxEmma dream come true~ 😋
I'm really liking this story! ☺ And this sneak peek is killing me right now️, but I will be patient. 😶 My bias is Mark and I like the name Emily/Emma. My ideal meeting would be in a library, because I love to read and my favorite place is the library or the bookstore. I spend a lot of time in either.
@MnM1264 You're MarkxEmma (i like the ship name Mama lol) is going to start coming up in chapter 4 when they head to school! I like the idea of a bookstore so the ship is going to take place a little late in the story-I'm thinking when they are on a school trip-but you're character is for sure going to be introduced and you'll be in the same class as Markson so look forward to that! :D let me know if there is anything specific I should know about Emma before I create her
Thank you @NatMarie ☺️
Chapter 3 will be up soon~ just a little bit of editing and I'll post it :)
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