Best Friend: Jia Crush: Suzy, she's beautiful. I'm a sucker for pretty women. Secret Admirer: Jia, since people have crushes on their friends all the time. Plus I'm awesome. Kiss: Fei, this probably happened at a party that Suzy and I hit up, we met and had instant chemistry Date: Jia, she confessed and since I love her as a friend I thought that we should give going on a date a shot. Apparently it didn't go well but we remained bros. Party w/: Suzy, we have a really weird relationship. Definitely same friend group but it's always push pull. Our storyline intrigues me. Girlfriend: Fei, chemistry turned to a relationship since we were both lonely and I really wanted to be with Suzy apparently. So it didn't work well for very long. Collaborate w/: Suzy Frenemy: Suzy Wife: Suzy, we finally admitted that all the partying and competition and bickering and chemistry meant something so we got hitched. Based on everything else, I'm not sure that our marriage is super healthy. BONUS THAT I MADE UP CAUSE I CAN MHUHAHAHA SUZY AND I SPLIT UP AND DIVORCED AND THEN MIN COMES AND WIFES ME THE F UP.
What the actual what?????? You @ChelseaJay look what happened to meeeeee. Where is my Min?????!!!!!!
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Damn phone. So rude.