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*2 1/2 Weeks Later* (YOUR POV) "Eomma! It's a box from Grandma and Grandpa!" My beautiful daughter, Hyun-Ae, cheers when I hand her a present from our mailbox. "Can I open it?" She jiggles the box. "Is it your birthday?" I ask looking at the mail. 'Bills, bills, bills; oh look! More bills.' I think to myself. "Not yet, but it's only a few days away." "There you go. Wait a few more days then you can open it." We make our way back up to our little home. 'WHAT AM I GOING TO DO FOR HER BIRTHDAY?!' I mentally scream when we stand quietly in the lift. I pull out my phone and send a text to the people I know I can trust. *I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!*
"What kind of mom are you?" Junior asks me. I was currently visiting GOT7 so they can help me come up what to do for Hyun-Ae's birthday party. Mark and I were on good terms again and Jackson and I were secretly dating. So~ at the moment I was a bit uncomfortable since my boyfriend was sitting next to me and the man that likes me was on the other side. Jackson and I's relationship was so hidden that even my own daughter didn't know. I always had Mark to watch her while I was "working late"; so it's pretty easy to keep it hidden from the both of them. Since I'm here with Mark, Hyun-Ae's babysitter, my daughter is spending the day with Jungsoo, my co-worker who hates me right now for having to watch over my evil daughter. It will be her first surprise party so I really want to pull this off, so I was not taking any chances of her finding out so Jungsoo doesn't even know about the party. The problem we are having right now is that I don't know what Hyun-Ae likes at the moment. "Hey, it's not my fault that my daughter changes her mind every day on what she enjoys." I defend myself. I was so not taking Junior's attitude today. "Well what did she like before?"YoungJae asks. I look up and ponder on it for a bit. What did Hyun-Ae enjoy last week? She said she was tired of playing with her Barbie’s, but does that mean she hates Barbie’s now? She has said that her favorite color is pink, but she says that to every color she sees. She’s too young to think of K-Pop groups the way I do, but she does enjoy the music. Nah, that can be here party when she’s a teen. Why can’t it just be a simple party? It’s the thought that counts right? Look at me I don’t even want to give my daughter the best surprise party. No this party has to be better than last years. =========LAST YEAR======== “Happy Birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear Hyun-Ae~ Happy birthday to you~~~” Mark and I sing to Hyun-Ae as he brings the cake over to her. Mark trips over a charging cable and the cake goes flying forward. Hyun-Ae is still smiling as everything goes by in slow motion. My eyes go wide as I witness the poor birthday cake in midair. Mark and I both reach for the cake but end up knocking each other down. I witness Hyun-Ae’s smile slowly disappear as the cake gets closer and closer to the ground. “NO~” Mark yells as everything is still going by in slow motion. When I stand up everything begins to go in normal speed and then *SPLAT* the birthday cake crashes onto the table. The cake so happened to fall onto a stack of napkins that caught on fire immediately from the candles. “FIRE!” We all yell running around in a panic. Mark runs into the kitchen and fills up a pot of water and runs to the living room splashing water onto the floor. He throws the little remaining water onto the fire but nothing happens. The fire alarm begins to screech as the smoke increases. “Get Hyun-Ae out of here.” Mark orders as he begins to open the windows. I pull Hyun-Ae out of the apartment. “Hyun-Ae don’t leave stay right here, okay?” She nods her head and I leave the main door open making sure that she doesn’t leave. I get a pot of water as Mark starts fanning the alarm so it can hush up. I carefully transport the water into the living room and throw it onto the cake. The fire hissed as it died out. I look around at my surrounds; Mark was fanning out the smoke and Hyun-Ae was talking to landlord. =============Present================ “We can have it at your place.” JB suggests. “NO!” Mark and I both say. “Why not?” Everyone looks at us oddly. “Because we had it there last year and I want this birthday to be different since you six are now in her life." I butter them up. They all exclaim and 'Oh~' and nod their heads in understanding. I look at my cellphone and realize the time. "I have to go. I have an appointment. Text me when you figure something out!" I yell as I leave the practice room.
(THIRD PERSON POV) "Why are you ordering so much food?" Mark asks Jackson. "Because I'm inviting a lot of people, duh." Jackson says as he continues to talk on the phone with a catering company. "Who is he inviting?" Mark asks his dongsaengs. "All of JYP." The fiver members say. Mark shakes his head and grabs the notebook of the coffee table in the dorm. They have been throwing ideas left and right, up and down, side to side trying to figure out what theme should Hyun-Ae have. They had left the practice room three hours after (Y/N) left and they still not agreed on a theme. Some said a dinosaur party, a superhero party, race car party, video game party, and a K-Pop party. They figured that Hyun-Ae was into boy stuff too. Balls of paper scattered the dorm floor filled with half of a party done or just a wrong theme. "OKAY! Food is set." Jackson gives the members a thumbs up with a cheesy smile. "Why did you order food if we don't even have a theme?" Yugyeom curiously asks. "Because the food goes with any theme." "You don't even know if she likes that type of food." Youngjae points out. "Or if she's allergic to what's in the food." Junior says. "What if she has a severe allergic reaction that causes her throat to swell up and close!" JB exclaims. "YAH!" Jackson yells. "I'm pretty sure if I knew if my daughter was allergic to anything." "You recently just met her." BamBam says with a puzzled look. "Yeah, I know that she's not allergic to anything." "She's allergic to nuts and cinnamon." Mark says while doodling on the notebook. "How would you know?" Jackson stubbornly asks. "Is he seriously asking that?" Yugyeom whispers to JB. "Just let him." JB shakes his head. Mark just ignores Jackson's idiotic question and continues to doodle. "Yah~ what are we going to do about this party?? It's going to be this Saturday which means it's only four days away which gives us three days to get everything prepared." BamBam whines while he lays his head on Mark's lap. "What if we just decorated all pink, but that pretty pink." Jackson suggests while scrolling through his phone. "Look." Jackson shows the members a photo that he found on Google. "Isn't it a bit much? She is only turning seven." Mark says. "Well~ I did invite the JYP groups so I'm pretty sure it will be enough or we might need more." Jackson says while looking closely at the photo. "So if I counted correctly it's basically fifty people that I invited." Jackson says counting his fingers. "Do you honestly think they're going to come to a child's birthday party?" "Why do you have to be so negative?" Jackson looks at Mark. "I'm just trying to be realistic here. Plus, can we really pull that off?" The GOT7 members ponder on it for a bit and nod their heads. "I guess we're doing that." "Where is the party going to be held?" Youngjae asks. "We can do it at the company in the practice room." JB suggests. "Ne~" Everyone agrees.
(THIRD PERSON POV) * Saturday Afternoon * Jackson was heading down the hall to the practice room where he let his members set up Hyuna-Ae's surprise party. When he walked into the room he was shocked at what he saw. "YAH!" Jackson yells at the six members in the room. They all turned to look at him while letting a few balloons float to the ceiling. " What happened to the pink decorations and the butterflies?!" "They were sold out of the majority items that we needed." Yugyeom tries to explain. "Why is there so little balloons?" "About that..." BamBam scratches the back of his neck. -- -- -- - - - -- - -- - -- - -- -- -- FLASHBACK - - ---- - -- -- -- -- -- -- ( BAMBAM'S POV) Guess who's on balloon duty? I am! Which I'm so glad for. That's correct. This cutie was not going to be doing the heavy lifting or the driving to pick up the cakes. But~ I'm not going to lie, I'm already tired of doing my job. Tying these stupid knots are making my fingers cramp. Balloon duty is not as fun as I thought it was going to be. *BOOM!* I jump up in my chair and turn around to find a laughing Yugyeom. "YAH! Do you want to die?!" I yell at him. Yugyeom continues to laugh. *POP!* Yugyeom screams as he jumps while I cover my ears. "Hyung~" Yugyeom pouts at JB, who's on the floor dying of laughter. "Guys, watch this." Junior pulls down one of the balloons that was floating and makes a small incision. He stretches out the balloon as it begins to deflate causing it to make a piercing shriek. "It sounds like a whale." He laughs. and continues to stretch the balloon until all of the helium is gone. Mark walks over to us with a balloon in his hands. He raises the balloon to his lips and inhales. "Annyeong~" Mark says in a high voice. We burst into laughter and continue to laugh as we hear Mark's chipmunk laugh. "Did my voice change?" Youngjae says in a high pitch voice. "OMO!" Junior eyes are wide open with amazement. "I want to try." I tear the balloon and inhale deeply. "What's up, man~?" I laugh out when I hear how much my voice had changed. "Girls, girls, girls they love me." JB sings in his helium voice. Everyone rushes to grab another balloon. We pull out our cell phones and slide it to 'Video'. "Five, six, seven, eight!" JB counts down.
"Aish, my head hurts a bit." I complain after we're done singing. "You idiot, you were inhaling too much of it." Youngjae says. Junior exhales exhaustively from the helium that he doesn't look where he is sitting and pops a balloon with his butt. "OW!" He rubs at it trying to sooth the pain away. "We should play that game." Yugyeom says. "But we need to save the balloons for the party." I say while looking at the floating balloons. "Don't worry we won't use that many." Everyone agrees just to do one round. -------------------Present---------------------- "So what happened to one round?" Jackson continues to scold us. "Well we got competitive." I say with my head down. Jackson shakes his head disapprovingly then exhales. "Did you at least go pick up the cakes?" "Ne~, Junior and I went to go do that after our little game." JB says. "So now we have ugly monster decorations and maybe a dozen balloons." We nods our heads. "THE CEILING WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FILLED WITH BALLOONS AND THE DECORATIONS WERE SUPPOSED TO BE PRETTY AND PINK!" We flinch at Jackson's explosion. "But at least we still got the food."Youngjae says quietly. "And the cake." Junior says. "I'm pretty sure the guest and Hyun-Ae will be happy no matter what." Mark says. "Oh no..."Jackson gasps. "I told the groups that it was going to be a huge hit. Now it looks like you just went to the corner store and bought what was descent there." "Did he follow us?" Yugyeom whispers to me. "Uh~ I'm not sure." I say in a shaky voice. "Annyeonghaseyo!" BTS walks in with happy faces. "I thought he was only inviting the company." Youngjae says. "Yeah but we're close to the BTS sunbaenims." Mark says. "HOSEOK!" Mark runs over to sunbaenim and hugs him. "BamBam!" Jimin smiles. "HYUNG~" I shout. "YO, YO, YO WHAT'S UP!!!!" Jooheon from Monsta X walks in with the rest of the members. We all hug as we greet everyone and more groups come as well. (MARK'S POV) "So you really have a daughter?"Jungkook asks Jackson as they sat around the table talking. "Yeah, when I found out I was the dad I told her that I had the right to be with her." Jackson in a way lies. I scoff at how much Jackson is trying to play the innocent one. "Hyung, I don't think this is the time to be acting this way." Yugyeom says. I scoot out of my chair and leave the practice room. I slowly make my way to the elevator, to go down to the lobby, when I hear a ding and see (Y/N) and Hyun-Ae walk out both girls looking beautiful.
"What are you doing here?" I ask (Y/N). She steps close to me and I lean down to her. "The party remember. JB texted me saying that I should come." She whispers in my ear. I nod my head. "You two look like the American Flag." I laugh. (Y/N) glares at me causing me to laugh more. "This is my birthday dress. I've been wearing it all~ day." Hyun-Ae smiles. "Happy birthday, Hyun-Ae. What brings you two here?" "Eomma said that she wanted to take all seven of you with us to dinner." "Well let me go see if we're ready to leave then." I give (Y/N) a wink and she just shakes her head and laughs. I walk quickly back to the practice room and close the door pretty loud once I slip into the practice room. I tell everyone that they're here and we all rush around trying to hide while I turn off the lights causing some of us to bump into things while we try to hide. A few minutes later and the practice door creeks opens. "Oppas?" We Hyun-Ae call out. "I thought they were practicing?" Hyun-Ae asks. "Well that's what they told me." (Y/N) says. I peek out from the side where I was hiding and see (Y/N) reaching for the light switch. "SURPRISE!" We jump up and shout when the lights turn on. (YOUR POV) Hyun-Ae and I get startled when 'Surprise' is practically shouted at us. I was surprised to see how many people were here. I thought it was only going to be the nine of us; not five thousand people. Okay, it's not five thousand but it's more than nine. The members of 2PM, Miss A, Wonder Girls, Twice, 2AM, Day6, 4Minute, 15, BTS, and finally Monsta X all came to greet and wish Hyun-Ae a happy birthday. Her expression matched mine. We both wanted to know who were these people. Well I knew the groups but I've never met them this was my first time meeting them. "Mark~" I walk over to him. "Why are these people here?" The other members, except Jackson, walked over to Mark and I. "Jackson invited the whole company plus BTS and Monsta X." He points out the obvious. I turn around and see Jackson in the center of attention with Hyun-Ae in his arms. This was supposed to be a simple party not some show and tell. "Hyun-Ae doesn't even look happy anymore." I look at Mark and silently plead him. He walks over to the crowd and squeezes between them and Hyun-Ae reaches for Mark before he fully gets there. Mark takes her into his arms and walks over to us and she visibly relaxes. Mark passes her over to me and I hug her when she's in my arms. "Gwaenchanh-a?" I whisper to her. "Ne~" She quietly says and rests her chin on my shoulder. "Do you want to eat?" I feel her nod and I walk over to the side of the table that Mark was sitting at. "Was anyone next to you?" I ask him. "I was, but Hyun-Ae can take my seat."BamBam says with a smile. I place Hyun-Ae in the seat and walk over with Mark to the table full of food. "Do you know what's in here?" I ask Mark. "No, Jackson ordered it." I just serve random foods onto Hyun-Ae and my plates and head back to the table. I place her plate in front of her and sit across from her. "Be careful when you eat it okay. I don't know what in there." "Araso."Hyun-Ae takes a small bite of the food then continues to eat with a smile on her face. When the guest notice us eating they decide to join us. Some of the members from each group will ask Hyun-Ae some questions and she would politely give them an answer. Most of the questions were like "Do you like your dad?" "What did you think when you met your father?" "Are you mad that your mom kept you away from him?" "What do you want to do in the future?" and so on about Jackson and her. No questions for me. It's not like I raised a child for seven year, yes of course with Mark's help but the other guy wasn't there. I try to calm myself down not wanting to ruin Hyun-Ae's birthday. Plus I just got back with Jackson, even though no one knows, and I can't be angry with him. Hyun-Ae does seem to like him as her dad.
"IT'S CAKE TIME!"Jin-Young, the boss of JYP, announces as he enters the practice room. Carts are rolled in each one with a cake on it. I smile when I see that each cake is very different. Hyun-Ae cheers when she sees her cakes. "Yah, what the heck are those?" I hear some scold. I turn around to see Jackson scolding the members of GOT7. "Hyun-Ae, sweetie, go with Jungkook to the cakes, okay?" She nods her head and grabs Jungkook's hand. I thank the youngest member of BTS and walk over to the little argument. "What's the problem?" "These idiots ordered the wrong cakes." Jackson says in frustration. "There's no need to get angry." "He's mad because the day hasn't gone the way he wants it." Mark says. "First it was the decorations."Junior says. "Then it was the balloons." BamBam whispers. "And now the cakes." JB says annoyed. "If only you guys knew how to listen." Jackson says. "Hyun-Ae likes pink but she likes different things and that's exactly what we delivered." Mark says. "You're not her dad, okay!" "I have been for the past seven years that you weren't. You've only spent a few days with her and that automatically makes you an expert on your daughter. You didn't even know that she's allergic to certain food. You think that just because she's a girl that she wants everything pink." Mark gets in Jackson's face. "Yah, let's just go sing 'Happy Birthday', okay?" I suggest. I pull Mark and Jackson away from each other. "They got her boy cakes!" Jackson was still not letting this go. "DAEBAK! I got a superhero cake!" Hyun-Ae happily says. "Look she's happy; Mark is actually right on this one. Hyun-Ae enjoys different things. Thanks to this one." I smile looking at Mark. "I couldn't play with dolls everyday." He smiles. We make our way to the cakes and greet Jin-Young. "Thank you for coming." I give him a hug. "No problem." He smiles. "Anything for family." Hyun-Ae was standing on a chair behind the first cake that they had lined up for her. It was pretty pink, so it was obviously Jackson's choice.
~saeng il chuk ha ham ni da saeng il chuk ha ham ni da sarang ha neun Hyun-Ae shi saeng il chuk ha ham ni da ~
Everyone was singing so amazing, did they practice this was when we were gone? We clap and take a few pictures before she blows out the candles. "Hana...Dul...Set!" She blows out her candles and we cheer happily for her. We scoot her over to the next cake which was a dinosaur cake. "I got that one for her." Junior says. This time Jooheon and J-Hope to front in center and sang happy birthday in their aegyo voices. We took another set of pictures and she blew out the candles. Youngjae was picked on for a bit when he got a cake of a group that didn't even belong with the JYP company but he says it was the only thing they had. FINALLY we arrived to the final cake. Everyone had told me which one they picked out for Hyun-Ae and Jin even pouted a bit when he saw that Hyun-Ae had a Mario cake. We sang happy birthday for Mark's cake. Hyun-Ae had not blown out her candles yet making us all suspicious. "Hyun-Ae, just blow out the candles already~ Oppa wants cake."BamBam cries. We laugh with Bam and look back at Hyun-Ae. "I wish that-" "Hyun-Ae, you're not supposed to say your wishes out loud." Shownu says. "But I know this one is going to come true for sure." My little angel says confidently. "I wish that Mark and Eomma will get married!"
Some of your reactions may be like this. It's totally normal lol
Some of you may have been caught off guard haha
Some of you may be like this haha this was so me when I was given the idea.
Then some of you may be done with me which is totally fine too haha
I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE ADDING MY BTS BABES!!! Ahhhhh I think my life span and Jackson's just shortened by 20 years when she made that wish. The roller coaster of feels was strong in this one😭😭💖💖
You read my mind I was just thinking about it. I was about to make a another card to get you to write part @xsandos17
holy moly! 😱 surprise attack!! I literally started squealing like this little girl really said it!!! 😲😂 (since Jackson is my ultimate bias... I'm like OMG my baby! 💔)
Is it weird that I had a little bit of a fangirl squeal when I saw the notification for this? Also I was in tears from laughing during the flash back with the decorating bit, posting the chipmunk version of girls girls girls didn't help, it just made me laugh harder. 😂😂
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