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I'm so tired of all the negative things being said about Vixx lately. It breaks my heart knowing these men get it constantly when all they have done is worked their butts off. I mean Ken lost weight and coughed up blood with this comeback. They all put their hearts in everything they do and everyone wants to tear them down :(
So I'm doing my part and putting some positives out there :)
I figured Ill put out my story of how they help me. :)
I know that whenever my self-esteem is low and I make myself feel bad I remember one thing. Even though I don't personally know these talented men, I know they love me. They even have a song called 'Thank You for Being Born' these men love their fans I think more than themselves sometimes and it touches me. Even when I'm stressed at work I put on their music and it slowly goes away cuz I'm busy singing. I'll always be a Starlight and support these talented men. They deserve all the love and support they get. SCREW YOU HATERS!!
IM PROUD TO BE A STARLIGHT thanks to everyone who actually reads this little rant of mine ❤
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I'd rather flood the internet with positivity for these men :)
Ion care what anyone says, my babies are perfect. They work their behinds off to bring us amazing music. Anyone who is bad mouthing them obviously don't know hard work when they see it
I don't pay any attention to what the media says. I like who I want to...end of discussion...oh except to say...I love Vixx. They are one of my favs.
It makes me sad that they don't get as much credit as they should (at least in my opinion). But no matter what I will always stand by theses very handsome and talented men, who give so much for their fans. Proud to be a Starlight!!