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Got my first patch! And it's Happy from Fairy Tail!!! Dunno how to put it on anything, but maybe I can just glue it down. I'm thinking of placing him on my camera bag. what do you guys think? *picture taken from phone*
Also, just a quick update, because the Xmas season is just around the corner, I've been busy with a ton of stuff so I haven't had the chance to do any posts. And my phone has been acting all crazy lately. I should be getting a new phone next week or sometime soon. But, expect these blog posts in the near future:

1. My Personal Top 10 Hottest anime Females

2. Top 10 Smartest Anime Leads

3. Christmas Anime List

Extra: For those who love superheroes and/or follow my superhero collection, I'll be talking about the new Batman v. Superman Trailer 2 and what I think about it. Talk to you all very soon!