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Hey so I can't seem to comment on the Anime/ Gaming card that we've been talking on for the last few days. Can we pick up where we left off on this card please? @ZombieDragon @superjkob @MadHouseRomance @JuanSanchez01 @FrankOrozco @windfox
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alrighty then! I'm going to be writing a story about all of us! I need your rp characters and traits. I will also need help with making the bad/evil guys. please message me with these things. Thank you! @GeneAgudo @LilianaZeferino @superjkob @BriannaBradley @ZombieDragon @ShinigamiSan @FrankOrozco @windfox @JuanSanchez01 @MadHouseRomance
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hey everyone. i am still alive. enjoying my vacation. will be on here more once i get settled.
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Welcome to the obis of crazyness @briannabradley feel free to do anthing
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I really need to start paying attention again
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I'm back! star wars was amazing by the way ^.^
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