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So I'm sharing something here that I hope you all get a kick out of.
Rap Monster is now asking a question.
Jungkook answers the question. (I didn't think there was I'm in it so pretend that's not there lol)
Rap Monster asks another question to Jungkook.
He answers.
He now gets ready to tell it.
Then Suga just comes in like "Nah bro I'm gonna tell a story"
I'm sorry but I have been laughing about this all day. I love the song though so its all good. Anyone else notice this?
@SarahVanDorn too funny
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@Tigerlily84 that's what I get when I'm just listening lol
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Whale then, I'm surprised no one started the whale puns after hearing this song. xD
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lol right @zaperz my husband said he was lonely and i reply oh your a lonely whale! He said it wasnt funny
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