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ok a while ago i asked on here what i should watch and i saw clannad i knew the end so i was a little prepared
then i saw fuko for the first time im on episode 8 and my heart cant take it if you have seen it please dont tell me there is a happy ending.
and when nagisa's mom said she couldnt see her lets just say something was in my eye i was not prepared for her story and i dont know how much more i can take
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Sam here @IsaacMarch my brother came into the other room and asked me wtf are you crying lol
that sucks. luckily I was alone.
Before watching this anime, I saw that people stated how this anime literally made them bawled their eyes out. But... I didn't quite bawled my eyes out. Sure there were a few tear drops from time to time, but I didn't have that serious break down, you know what I mean? I don't think the anime was entirely sad tbh.
ok i finished clannad and started after story what was the end it made no sense tomoyo and tomoya got together so i'm wondering wwwwwhhhhhyyyyy
the end was the beginning