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Black Butler

Genre: Historical, Black comedy, Dark fantasy, Psychological thriller Japanese Name: Kuroshitsuji Japanese Name in Japanese: 黒執事 Date/Year Released: October 3, 2008 Date/Year Ended: March 27, 2009 Epsiode Count: 24 episodes + 1 OVA


This series follows the life of Ciel Phantomhive, a 13- year-old head of the Phantomhive Family and business owner of the Funtom company, a toy manufacturer in Victorian-era London. And then there's Sebastian Michaelis, who appears to be an excellent butler who caries out his duties with best of his abilities, but really is a really hot demon that has entered into a contract with Ciel, promising to help the Ciel achieve revenge on those who have wronged him in exchange for his soul. And as the Queens guard dog, Ciel and Michaelis rank high in the British underworld, and Ciel solves crimes in London while waiting for the day he will get his revenge.

Review 10/10

This was my first Psychological thriller I watched as I slowly begin entering the otaku world, and one of best, if you want to start getting into Psychological thriller's, Horrors, Dark fantasies(like Mirai Niki, Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte etc...). I have to admit, as a premiture otaku that just started out watching action and adventure animes I was pretty hesitant on deciding to watch this; Psychological thriller, but it was actually really entertaining and I watched episode after episode, plus the opening and the ending are the best, and are still on my favorite list of anime openings and endings. Now let's actually talk about the anime...this is one of the best animes you will encounter, and if your still left eager to watch more of Black Butler there is always Season 2 and Book of Circus, and your still even more eager you read the ongoing manga online(which by the way, I still read and look forward to) which I also recommend reading. The Manga updates each month, but Yana Tobosa(the mangaka, aka creator of Black Butler series ) always releasing the best content, with amazing art and story Also for those interested in Yaoi, Black Butler was suppose to be a hard core yaoi, but her editor thought it would it would see better if it was hinted in bits and parts. And you do get that yaoi sensation when seeing Black Butler in the parts where it is hinted. If I had only one bad review, is that I would love if Ciel got some type of power up or character development so he kinda protect himself better, but that's not probably gonna happen. Now if you want me to review an anime or manga comment below the name; I will only review the Manga series/animes that I have read/seen, but I may watch a anime you request depending on the episode count. Also this may not be my finalized review, I slowly change, edit and reinforce my reviews every now and then.