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So, as you can see, they are both different lyrics. Anyways, enjoy! Comment any requests! All: Oh~ Taeyeon: Oh Woah Woah Yeah~ All: Oh~ Taeyeon: Ooh~ Tifanny: No~ All: Oh~ Tifanny: Ooh~ All: Oh~ Seohyun: Ooh~ Ooh~ Taeyeon: Dear Santa Listen to my story I'm wanting it desperately For their heart to be the same as mine All: What about us? Tiffany: You and I made my heart flutter Hope we'll be a bit closer Come to me today All: What about us? Seohyun: For us to spend together For a white Christmas to come, I'm waiting Tiffany: Let's go! Come on girls! With a beating heart Wearing white clothes Under the colourful tree lights To the sparkling streets Seohyun: Clean bell sounds by my ear, a smile with each step I have a good feeling about today Christmas time that makes my heart flutter Tayeon: Waiting for Santa all night This feeling of greeting a young day I feel like you will secretly come to me So I turned around to look Tiffany: What I've been dreaming of every day, I want to receive a confession tonight Seohyun: In that moment, if white snow falls It'll be the Christmas of my imagination Tiffany: Let's hear it, Santa! Here we go! Come on! Taeyeon: Lovely sound of laughter, slight melody on top Seohyun: Night of dancing stars on the street Unforgettable Christmas time Tiffany: You approach me secretly and sweetly At the scent that grazes my shoulder One person who I've been waiting for like a present I can see you~ Taeyeon: Oh~ Seohyun: Oh~ Taeyeon: Ooh~ Seohyun: The moment we shyly stand facing each other The two hands you hold out Taeyeon: Holding your warm hand We walk together and look at the sky Tiffany: Full in that sky Taeyeon: Full in my heart Seohyun: White snow is falling~ Taeyeon: Dream-like Christmas- All: Time~ Tiffany/Taeyeon [Not sure who]: Ooh All: Oh, Christmas time
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I listened to the English version this morning and I loved it. It was adorable, and the lyrics were awesome.