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He first revealed his hair color on his instagram announcing that "The Secret Achiara Village" has ended. I had to say I wasnt really digging it at first. I think it was the lighting on his hair that made me not like it.
but now that I see it in different pictures with different lighting I'm start to like it a lot an I'm now use to the look of him. Personally I love his natural hair color but so far I have not been disappointed in hair color choices What do you think about his new hair color? What's your favorite hair color on your bias?
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It looks so good on him 😍
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Of course I love it considering purple is my favorite color! And a color that I love seeing on any of my biases is red/orange. I love it!
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woahh i saw this earlier but just the hair and not the idol's face...and now that i found out they were talking about seungjae ...damnn i love it! 💜
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