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If you guessed another amazing Jiyong Spam you my friends are not only correct but you are in for a treat! Be warned this spam is killer from sexy to adorable to #squadgoals this spam has it all

{photo credit: all the lovely saints on tumblr and GDs squad}

We'll start off nice and easy with literal #Goals

Anyone who is blessed enough to get a selfie with the king amen to y'all because I would cherish this moment forever and my phone would be grateful as well!! And can we talk about this first picture!!!! I screamed when I saw this no joke Truedy Jiyongi together! In one photo!

Now prepare yourselves because from this point things are gonna get a little intense ......consider yourself warned

Still took it easy on you guys but the next one 😂😂😂.....good luck


Slipped an easy one in here for my fellow Nyongtory Shippers .......How can I become Seungri???? I seriously need to reconsider my life goals

And if you don't ship Nyongtory by now this video will change your mind and your life

실례합니다 Sir but can you please.........not........stop because you are too beautiful for your own good and mine 😂😂😍😍😍😍

Okay now for some adorable Jiyongi so prepare for some heart melting madness

Idk if your okay at this point because I'm not this smile here is the death of me times a million .... Who am I kidding He is the death of me

Look how happy my beautiful little Jiyongi is🙈🙈🙈this melts my soul he looks like a little kid who just won an award at school and wants to show it off😂😂😂😍😍😍

27 or 5 the world may never know😍😍💕💕

I honestly can't with Jiyongi he's too perfect for life......and he's probably the only person who repeatedly kills me every time I see him


Can I join you guys??? Seriously this is one squad you want to be in

Hope you guys are okay........if not Your Welcome😂😂😂

#BabyComeBack I've been having serious PTCD and I miss this beautiful face like crazy soo of any of y'all have a time machine or a million doll hairs let me know so I can go back to my Jiyongi asap😂
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@edwey66 I know!! We've all been told no one is perfect but that's because we never saw GD 😂😂and I will gladly tag you
he absolutely gorgeous. mmmmm😋
@Jiyongixoxo OMG if you do a TOP spam tonight I will love you! Can't get enough of him, he is like my drug lol😆 Also can you tag me if you do so I won't miss it! 😅
Ugh he's so perfect!! 😍😍