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Hey yo, Mishii here✌. So about the rant. I don't do this often. So I'm not gonna lie, the Tokyo Ghoul anime had me disappointed. This doesn't mean I disliked it though. Everything I'm going to mention us my opinion and may contain some spoilers from both the anime and manga so don't come at me with that bull.
I can clearly say I enjoyed the manga more than the anime. I feel like the anime was rushed and confined to a certain timeframe. Both seasons only had 12 episodes each and I feel as if they could've added in more episodes so it wouldn't have felt so rushed.
Another thing that got me, the main thing, is that they changed a lot of things around and left many things out. It made me glad that I had read it first because I felt that I might have been a bit confused otherwise about certain aspects of the plot. Some things I didn't mind, other things had me like, "What?? Really?? They didn't include that?!?" It had me really bummed man.
There were certain parts of the manga that I was waiting to see played out in the anime. one was the fight between Kaneki and Ayato. Kaneki was fuckin' brutal in the manga and they completely dropped it in the anime and had Kaneki join Aogiri. This lead to the other thing that disappointed me. Kaneki being in Aogiri in the anime left no place for the snazzy ass group Kaneki made in the manga with Tsukiyama, Hinami, and Banjou. Kaneki just didn't have the same closeness to them in the anime and I mean I can literally count on one hand how many times Banjou appeared.
I just didn't feel the same connectivity in the anime compared to the manga, but of course I'm ready and waiting for season 3 because I did enjoy it! Though I do recommend to anyone who hasn't read it to please do. You won't regret it. So what about you guys think? I'm all ears.
Yeah, that's true. For some reason Tokyo Ghoul's changes just seemed so much more obvious to me compared to other manga and anime I've read. I'm sure you'll love Tokyo Ghoul: Re. It got me wrapped around its finger especially with the most recent chapters. @UzumakiJess
I just finished the manga a few days ago... About to start reading Tokyo Ghoul:re and I hear yea. The anime changed unnecessary things and that's always aggravated me with any manga to anime. But I do still love the anime too. (:
Pffft, I didn't even notice that. Lol, now that's all I'm gonna see every time I look at it. 😂 @koifries
On the third picture, to be very honest but serious, he looks like he's picking his nose even though it's a mask. ಠ_ಠ But a very good anime and manga, though. (°∀°)b