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I cried so much. ಥ_ಥ
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thanks @StevenSherrill I plan on watching bleach is it good? cuz I want to watch it but idk if it's great or not. 😔😏
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to be honest I'm more of a fan of naruto to however I'm not saying bleach is bad either like all anime it has the risk of getting boring from how long it is and some people get burned out on it but it is worth a watch @vencesalicia plus kon is adorable I think lol
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lol well thank you @StevenSherrill ^-^ I'll give it a try and watch bleach..plus my befriend wants to watch it with me..she's not really into anime like me but she wants to give it a try..as long as it's interesting then we're good 😊
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I freaking got teary-eyed. :( Gonna go in a corner and sulk now.
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ok.. this is so cool .. but what the heck you dooooo... oriheme is with ichigo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! orichigo !!!!!
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