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This is a test on what each and everyone's thoughts and opinions are towards these pictures. So everyone has a different prediction. Now.. Go!
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It's a metaphor for depression it starts small but eventually gets bigger, and bigger. It starts to affect your social life and just becomes a burden
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It's the little demon of loneliness. At first she tried socializing because the demon was small. Then when she was in the bus she felt lonely so the demon began to grow. In the third picture she is walking within people, but this time she isn't even trying to socialize and the demon has gotten bigger. And in the last picture the demon is now almost human sized which means that it will be hard for her to get out of the problem of being depressed because of her loneliness. She hasn't even slept because she might be crying every night for always being alone and that demon has only been getting bigger and bigger.
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Or she high af..
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So the little silhouette is a manifestation of her inner demons, at first it's small, but it keeps growing until it's almost life sized like in the last picture.
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Its life. At first you enjoy every moment of it, but then there is the stress and anxiety, and life just starts consuming, sucking your life force away...........
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