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Who did you pick?
Umm... So many come to mind but my choice is 馃憞
Colonel Roy Mustang a.k.a the Flame Alchemist 馃敟馃敟馃挄 Just thought I'd switch things up since I constantly post fairy tail stuff Minna comment your choice!馃憣
Ace from One Piece
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Zuko and Azula from Avatar the last Airbender
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Natsu and roy
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shishio momoshi (samurai x) sasuke (naruto)
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natsu, sasuke, itachi, colonel mustang, rin, charmander, charmelon, charzarid, torchic, blaziken, vulpix, dozens more Pok茅mon, commander taicho Yamamoto, that chick toshiro cares about( can't remember the name at this mommet) zuko, avatar aang, avatar kora, avatar roku, and the list still goes on
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