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I don't own these. I didn't make them. I got them from Tumblr and other social media cites. But yeah, tell me what you think.
First up is Monsta X. I mostly have my biases but I hope you like them.
Here are some from Seventeen. I have a lot of Seventeen wallpapers so I just chose a few.
Next up is BTS!! Oh honey, I got a lot of BTS wallpapers. A lot.
Told Ya.
Got7. Happyly, I got more than seven wallpapers of them.....get it? I will stop now.
There you have it. Some of my Kpop wallpapers. I don't want to spam you too much. I hope you liked them. Remember, I don't own these.
new wallpaper background 😂😂😂😂
I love them all! ❤️💕
love it! lol I think it's cute how B.A.P are just like "I'm gonna just put this here" trying to be all sneaky lol but I love that they are with BTS seeing as both are my baes