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Hey everybody! So I'm flying for the first time in 10 years internationally ever since I first came to America. My destination? Seoul, Korea :)
I'm heading over there in March, but I'm not familiar with what I should do. What should I be packing? What should I just buy there? How much on average should I bring?
I'm doing research on Korean hospitals if you guys are curious as to what I'm doing. It's for my senior research project for high school ^^
So give me some tips and etiquette notes if you can! Especially what I should not be doing (/.\) And if you guys want to be my Korean buddy (whether it be speaking Korean, etc.), that would be amazing! :)
The weather in Seoul is really similar to Boston or New York so even in March be sure to bring possible snow clothing hahahah bundle up!!!
I'm happy for you! Getting to go to such an amazing country! There's a lot you need to know like getting around(if you don't know how) how to get stuff at stores look for directions etc! I can help out with stuff like that even how to order food haha but I know over there they are huge on manners so you have to be careful and speak formally to everyone unless they tell you otherwise and you should definitely try different local dishes kimchi , soybean noodles(I think that's what they are ) but if you need help with anything let me know and I'll be more than happy to help
ahhh lucky take me in your suitcase ehhhh ^~^ heh
@Ercurrent That would be amazing ^^
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