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Photos staging fake Dragon Ball Kamehameha attacks spread rapidly through Twitter late last month, and a new meme called “Vadering” has quickly risen to take its place. The photos from Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram users appear to show an individual using Darth Vader’s signature Force Choke to raise another person off the ground.
nice trick !! I would ask my friend to do this one at this weekend :)!!
hehe so funny !!
that is pretty impressive or maybe my bar is a tad low lol
@alise would you upload the photo for us to see as well if you do it ;) @sofiamuller758 hehe you need to try it !! @robert well i believe it is impressive, but do it too much in public people would think you are "insane" :D
@tapsamai : definitely, i would upload it here if i do it :))