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That's next week. I'm taking a couple days off work so I can stay up and watch. I can't wait! So excited to hear what cities they're going to be playing. I hope one of them is San Francisco. L.A. is okay but I'd rather go to San Fran. But you know, where ever they go, I'm there! I don't care what it takes! You can watch videos on V. http://www.vlive.tv/video/3647
They're all growing up and getting more and more handsome. And that in mind, I keep thinking about MinSeok 김민석 ... he's 26 now (Korean age). He's got like 3 or 4 more years before he has to do mandatory military service. OhMyGod!
@KellyOConnor Sorry... but it keeps cruising my mind every time someone talks about a singer going to the military. lol He's going to look so cute in his uniform. I'm SO excited for the tour. Wishes do come true. Now I don't have buy a ticket to S.Korea or to Japan for that matter lol
Why did you have to bring that up?! No. he won't be leaving I'm going to hide him in my closet for two years when he has to go. I'm excited for the tour I have three potential stops that are kinda close to me Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta.
@Matokokepa lol it's ok! I'm always thinking who am I losing next every year. Yes he will! I'll just have to look forward to that I guess. ^^ Ikr? I'm just waiting for official word on the stops then Imma be stalking the ticket sellers to make sure I get mine! If I don't I'll be devastated they're my second favorite bias group..