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I'm really really amazed by this woman!! Running has always been and will continue to be my nightmare so i find this really impressive. She deserves tons of respect for doing all that just for her husband's medical expenses coz let's be real who would do that for their spouses? Not me after all. But if it's for my parents, perhaps i will give it a thought!
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It reminds me that there is still so much good in the world <3 @atmi @ButterflyBlu you lovely people included!
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Aww! I love you, too, @nicolejb!! It helps when the people around you are amazing! <3 *pointing at you* ^.^
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@nicolejb woahhh , mad respect. That's love! Thanks for tagging me 鈽猴笍
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@ButterflyBlu :) the pleasure is all mine. *produces mirror to direct pointing towards YOU* Anytime @jibarito it's good to share happy/inspirational stories with the world. <3
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@nicolejb I couldn't agree more!!
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