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Diaura . . . I absolutely love them . And Lost Rain is one of my favorite songs.
Hello fellow Diaura fan~! ( ^ o ^ )/" ~Who's your favourite member? Mine is Shoya (but of course who could not like Yoka as well) Ah! and my favourite song by them is Terrors, it was one of my first few I heard of them.
<@yanderebitch> Right he just so adorable (*>*) I wont lie but I would like to bite him lol. I would like to go to got to Japan, just to see them live. (*.*) but I'm stuck here. So far most songs I heard form them are good. I just haven't heard the recent ones after Lily. I need to catch up some more on them.
@captainjimi358 ~ Shoya is just so shy sweet and adorable, so he won my heart instantly xD How could I forget Tatsuya! He's close second to Yoka in my book. He's a funny guy~ My very first song was Lost November too ( ^ - ^ ) My other faves are Beautiful Creature, Sirus, Taidou, and Blind Messge. I actually havent heard Lost Rain yet. I'll have to check it out~
Hello @yanderebitch, Yo-Ka voice is amazing but I also got a thing for bassist Shoya (^.^) But then again I love Kei and Tatsuya. So I guess I love them all. I first got into them with the song Lost November, but my favorite songs are Lily and Lost Rain