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My Anime Emotions Gif Challenge!!!

So we all have different emotions when it comes to watching Anime. I thought wouldn't it be fun to get a collection of cards together with everyone's personal outlooks of just what goes down when we're watching our favorite shows? I always love to imagine people's faces when they're really digging in on a good binge run.
So that's where this card comes in.

The challenge is to select at -least- 5 Emotions you feel when watching your favorite shows!

I'm going to post a bunch so you can pick which ones you'd like to respond too. :D
So Let's get this started!

1.) That moment when you discover a new show that you know 0% about.

And I'm sure we all know that feeling of "oh...well, shoot" since we've all got a billion things on our already Mile long watch list. I can pretty much look at this calmly now since I'm used to being behind on like everything. LOL

2.) Trying to gather friends to watch some anime with me.

Wouldn't it be nice if I could bribe people with something so simple? lol I'd totally build a fort if people would come over. I get so darn stupid about it sometimes.

3.) My feelings when an anime consists of nothing but melons and nether-shots.

I seriously dislike that aspect of some anime. I want an actual plot, not jubblies.
*sigh* I'm as perverted as the next guy but if I wanted some sandbags I'd just
go get the real thing. smh.