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Reader) part 1 Third person pov A (h/c) headed woman was standing in bus with a clumsy bus driver. She fell here , she fell there She given up her seat for a pregnant woman. A man by the name of Seokjin stepped on the bus with just a jacket jeans, white t-shirt ,and shoes. He was only about four seats away from the (h/c) headed girl and kept glancing." It can'be her, can it?" He kept thinking to himself. He noticed her falling due to the clumsiness of the driver. Seokjin scooted over near the (h/c) headed girl.
He grabbed the handle infront of her with is arm over her and grabbed the door handle. His torso covering her, protecting her. She was shocked , " who would do this?" She asked to herself. She turned around and was shocked. "Jin oppa?" She asked the man protecting her. Seokjin smiled as he looked down at her. "Ahh (y/n) we missed you".